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Discover how our Smile Brookline dental team goes above and beyond for your care.

Why Is Modern Technology So Important to Us?

Increased Accuracy

Modern technology allows us to get a better picture of your mouth so we can see exactly what's going on, and plan accordingly.

Added Options

Every person is unique in their smile and desired treatment timeline. We like to have multiple treatment options to fit every situation.

More Efficient

Many of our technologies allow us to perform restorations in fewer appointments than in the past. This means less time in our office and more time living your life.

Enhanced Comfort

We choose treatment options that, when possible, are more comfortable for you and promote faster healing times.


Why Is Modern Technology So Important to Us?

Same-day crowns allow us to mend your smile in as little as an hour!

✓ Only one appointment

✓ No temporaries

✓ Digital scan for accuracy

✓ Inlay and onlay restorations created in office while you wait

3D dental impressions without the goop or bad taste of traditional impressions.

✓ Sleek camera makes impressions comfortable and minimizes gag reflex

✓ Extremely accurate imaging

✓ Used for crowns, Invisalign, and night guards

✓ Reduces the need for adjustments and follow-up appointments

Achieve a straight smile without the hassle of metal braces and wires.

✓ Clear aligners are practically invisible

✓ Some people see results in only six months

✓ Easy to remove for eating and cleaning

✓ Preview your smile with digital technology



‘‘I am always very apprehensive about the dentist, and they totally put me at ease! They have great hours (later on weekdays and Saturday hours), and the receptionists are the best!! If you're looking for a dentist, definitely check them out.’’

Amie R.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Is having a healthy, beautiful smile worth it if the process makes you anxious and unhappy? No, it's not. In fact, many people completely neglect their oral health out of fear of the dentist. We are here to change the way you experience a visit to the dentist. We go to great lengths to learn about each patient and his or her concerns or fears before we begin treatment.

Some of our in-office comforts include:

✓ Warm, soothing, spacious atmosphere

✓ Extensive magazine collection

✓ Impression-free options for restorative treatments

✓ Blankets and light-blocking glasses



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