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3 Extremely Useful Resources to Learn All About Root Canals

Woman on couch looking concerned about an upcoming root canal treatment appointment

You’ve been told you need a root canal, and understandably, you now have questions: What exactly IS a root canal? Is it going to hurt? What can you expect when you go in for treatment? We want to make it easier on you, so we’ve rounded up some great online resources that will help answer the […]

8 Reasons to Choose Clear Aligners Over Metal Braces

8 reasons to love clear aligners

  Have you been putting off getting your smile straightened because you’d rather not be seen with metal brackets and wires all over your teeth? Traditional braces can take years to successfully straighten your smile – all the while you are dealing with eating restrictions, the endless struggle of brushing and flossing around all those […]

The Best Way to Tell Someone to Whiten Their Teeth

Inspiring teeth whitening by showing off your gleaming white smile.

We all know that person with the beautiful teeth and yellow smile. Your boss. Your boyfriend. Your sister. We care about people and want them to look their best. But teeth whitening can be a sensitive subject (no pun intended) and treatments can vary in price and effectiveness. Why should people want a fresh, gleaming smile? What’s the […]

“Happy Holidays” From Our Brookline Dentist To You

A thank you card to all patients of Dr. Sara Stock to expression her profound appreciation to her whole patient family

Holiday love is in the air, and our Brookline Dentist, Dr. Sara Stock, is feeling it. As 2015 comes to an end, we wanted to extend a warm “thank you” to all of our loyal patients who have continued trust us with their smiles and welcome us into their lives. For over a decade, our […]

6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Teeth Where They Belong – In Your Mouth!

Brookline Dentistry

Remember dental checkups when you were younger? The only thing that mattered was finding out “Do I have any cavities?”  As we get older, life gets more complicated. We stop thinking about cavities and start thinking about everything else. Even though we have other things to think about, cavity prevention is still vital to a […]