Your Brookline Dentist’s Local Guide To Good Restaurants

When students and working professionals visit our dental office, they sometimes ask if their Brookline, MA dentists practice what they preach when it comes to caring for your oral health at meal time. To show that we are people who enjoy food too, here’s an appetizer of our 3 favorite restaurants around town!

Your dentist's favorite restaurants in Brookline, MA

Your dentist’s favorite restaurants in Brookline, MA

Favorite Restaurants in Brookline, MA


CommunityPageicons-01Brookline Farmers Market
Yield to the trendy return to holistic health-foods by eating smart. Here you can get a taste of certified locally grown fruits, vegetables, wines along with local crafts, music, and fun events for the whole family. A great family activity to get the kiddos involved in choosing wisely for their overall health. Not typically a restaurant, but you get the picture.

Spain, in your mouth. An award-winning Spanish tapas restaurant and wine bar featuring Euro-Spanish culture packed into each dish redolent with olive oil, lemon, and smoky paprika.

CommunityPageicons-03.pngBusy Bee Restaurant
Old fashioned never goes out of fashion. When you’re having that “whatever’s good” kinda day, step back in time at this old-fashioned neighborhood diner with an extensive menu of American comfort food. Remember, a good ol’ burger doesn’t care if you are left or right wing.



See, Brookline, MA dentists know how to have a good time too! Before you go running out the door to try these 3 good eats, visit our community page for more tips and recommendations.


Now over to you: what are your favorite restaurants in Brookline, MA?

Bon appétit,

Smile Brookline dentists and food enthusiasts.