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5 on Google, Apr 27, 2019
5 on Google, Apr 12, 2019
Highly and warmly professional service at all the levels. Work quietly and perfectly done and very well explained. Relaxing and smiling atmosphere appreciated by the patient. Cosy and familiar environment bringing confidence. Paul (French retired scientist and visiting scholar at BC)
5 on Google, Apr 09, 2019
Dr. Stock is the best dentist I've ever been too. She is a perfectionist and always thinking about how to make your smile look better. She is personable, she cares, and has extreme attention to detail.
5 on Google, Feb 14, 2019
Friendly and I felt comfortable in the knowledge that I was being served by experts in their field. The whole experience was interactive and it felt that I have entered into a great partnership. Dr Yi, Andrea and Jodie are wonderful!
5 on Google, Feb 14, 2019
Friendly and I felt comfortable in the knowledge that I was being served by experts in their field. The whole experience was interactive and it felt that I have entered into a great partnership. Dr Yi, Andrea and Jodie are wonderful!
5 on Google, Feb 13, 2019
5 on Google, Feb 08, 2019
Dr Stock has been my dentist for more than 20 years and she is wonderful. Her staff are the best too!
5 on Google, Feb 02, 2019
Dr Stock has been my dentist for more than 20 years and she is wonderful. Her staff are the best too!
5 on Google, Jan 26, 2019
Fantastic dental practice. The absolute best of many I’ve tried.
5 on Google, Jan 18, 2019
5 on Google, Jan 10, 2019
great dentists and staff
5 on Google, Dec 25, 2018
5 on Google, Dec 14, 2018
This review is long overdue. I can not say enough great things about this dental practice. Sara Stock and the Smile Brookline team are the best dental practice I have found in the Boston area since I moved here in 1987. I had another Brookline dentist for 15+ years, who passed away about 8 years ago. Since that time I have tried other Boston and Cambridge dental referrals from friends, but they left me feeling unsatisfied with their level of professionalism and service until I came to Sara Stock’s practice. My first visit to Smile Brookline was July 2018. I came in for a first cleaning and consultation. Alison, did a great job making my teeth pearl white again with a thorough cleaning. Dr. Stock followed up with the clinical and health evaluation. After being given some tips for improved dental hygiene (flossing twice a day, stop using Glide, start rubber tipping my gum line etc.) to prevent gum and tooth decay she then moved on to my smile goals. I told her that about 40 years ago my brother knocked out my two front teeth. About 20 years ago I had a beautiful set of front teeth put in (one a veneer and the other a crown). The crown I loved and I didn’t want to touch it ever, but the veneer, which was replaced about 9 years ago, I was not happy with the color, shape or match to my crown. She used a 3D imaging tool “CEREC” to show me how I could improve my smile. We discussed treatment options and timing of services so it would fit my busy life and budget. I left feeling very satisfied with my visit. In August, I took my 4 year old son camping in the White Mountains, NH. During our trip, my son made a superman leap head first into my mouth. While I was comforting my crying son, I realized I had a loose tooth. I reached in my mouth and pulled out my 20 year old crown. Yes, the one I wanted to keep forever! I called my NEW dental team at Smile Brookline and asked for HELP! They were AMAZING! I was only in town for one day before I had to fly to Minnesota to visit family. They made time for me to come in and fix my smile for Minnesota family photos. I have to tell you the photos from our day at Story Land, NH were ugly. I had a big black hole in my smile. I had to fix this before family photos in Minnesota. Fast forward to my appointment, they used the Cerec machine once again, my new best friend. They imaged me, cut a new tooth from the 3D image and custom fit the tooth to perfect my smile. This was all completed in about 3 hours including a park break for my 4 year old son. FYI…there is a park 1 block behind the dental office. BTW…while all this was going on, Alison cleaned my son’s teeth as well. He had fun at the dental office! LOL Fast forward to yesterday (December, 13, 2018) I had a follow up cleaning with Sarah. She did an amazing job. My teeth came out bright white, smooth and clean. Let me tell you, not all cleanings are created equal. You will notice the difference if you visit the Smile Brookline team. Aside from being an all-female/women dental practice, which I have never seen before, they are professional and take pride in their work. If you come here you will not feel like a customer at a deli counter, but you will feel that you are being served and serviced by a team of professionals, who take pride in their work and care about you. One thing I can tell you is that my 4 year old loves going to see Dentist Sara. That is about as good of a review as it gets!
5 on Google, Dec 13, 2018
5 on Google, Dec 08, 2018
5 on Google, Dec 07, 2018
5 on Google, Dec 06, 2018
Both times that I have had my teeth cleaned at Smile I have been extremely satisfied. The hygienist is very competent and thorough,as well as having a very pleasant personality. My 3rd visit on 12/05 was superb and beyond thorough.
5 on Google, Dec 02, 2018
Very friendly staff, very good experience.
5 on Google, Nov 21, 2018
Professional dentists and caring service.
5 on Google, Oct 28, 2018
5 on Google, Oct 25, 2018
I've been a patient at Smile Brookline for many years now and the care I've received has been consistently outstanding in every way. I'm very grateful to Dr. Stock and her great staff!
5 on Google, Oct 24, 2018
5 on Google, Oct 23, 2018
5 on Google, Oct 20, 2018
Truly caring practice that values patients as individuals and tailors dental care accordingly.
5 on Facebook, Oct 14, 2018
Have been a very happy patient here for more than 20 years. Outstanding dental and oral hygiene care, and wonderful, helpful staff. Am grateful to have a dental practice I can always count on for excellent care.
5 on Facebook, Oct 14, 2018
Great dental service.
5 on Google, Oct 12, 2018
5 on Google, Oct 06, 2018
5 on Google, Sep 21, 2018
Always an excellent experience. Appointments start on time. Staff is always very efficient and professional.
5 on Google, Sep 20, 2018
5 on Google, Sep 07, 2018
I've been going here for nearly 20 years, and I have the upmost respect for the place. Very, very good people who do excellent work consistently.
5 on Google, Sep 01, 2018
SmileBrookline is a welcoming, caring, very competent dental practice; very happy to recommend Dr. Sara Stock and all her dental colleagues
on Facebook, Aug 31, 2018
professional, excellent care, great people
5 on Google, Aug 28, 2018
5 on Google, Aug 21, 2018
I was recommended by a good friend to smile Brookline. Had amazing service and Dr Yi’s through and caring gentle work done was really appreciate. I look forward to seeing them again. Thank you so much.
5 on Google, Aug 16, 2018
Both times that I have had my teeth cleaned at Smile I have been extremely satisfied. The hygienist is very competent and thorough,as well as having a very pleasant personality.
5 on Google, Aug 08, 2018
I have a terror of dentists and a good friend recommended Smile Brookline. The staff, without exception, is professional and compassionate. I recommend this practice to my friends. I give them as many stars as possible!!
5 on Google, Jul 30, 2018
Highly professional and kind staff. The dental hygienist is incredibly thorough yet gentle. Dr. Yi is the best!
5 on Google, Jul 26, 2018
5 on Google, Jul 20, 2018
5 on Google, Jul 11, 2018
A truly personal experience from the whole team at Smile Brookline. My care is exceptional and I really appreciate the emphasis on prevention. The team has always been there for emergencies like broken teeth when i need them.
5 on Facebook, Jul 11, 2018
A terrific dental practice. I know I am in excellent hands at Smile Brookline. Their focus on prevention will pay off for me for years to come!
5 on Google, Jul 07, 2018
5 on Facebook, Jul 06, 2018
Have been a patient for over 20 years. Love the dentist's and the great care. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
5 on Google, Jul 06, 2018
Have been a patient for over 20 years. Great dentist's, and great staff. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
5 on Google, Jul 02, 2018
5 on Google, Jun 20, 2018
I was taken right on time. Sarah scraped my teeth in a gentle manner while coaching me on ways for better oral hygiene. The x rays were uncomfortable but it really gives Dr. Stevo and her team the best shot at catching trouble areas and cavities. The appointment wrapped up with an oral exam and review of my treatment plan. I walked away in under 60 minutes and with some great new woven floss and toothpaste. I want to thank Sarah, Dr. Stevo and their front office for a great dental experience. Highly recommend!
5 on Facebook, Jun 20, 2018
After years of having dental work done that didn’t seem to last, I am thrilled to have found Dr. Stock and Associstes. stage quality of care and the level of attention to detail is unparalleled.
5 on Google, Jun 19, 2018
5 on Google, Jun 17, 2018
Lovely people work here. I always have a positive experience here- and I am terrified of dentists! I can’t recommend them highly enough.
5 on Google, Jun 16, 2018
5 on Facebook, Jun 14, 2018
Thorough and patient. They explain what needs to be done and why.
5 on Google, Jun 12, 2018
5 on Google, Jun 09, 2018
Probably the best dentist in the greater Boston area. I have been a patient for 12 years, they are always professional, make you feel at ease and all their team take care of you in every step of the way. Cheers to them.
5 on Google, Jun 07, 2018
I just got two new crowns and Dr Ye did a beautiful job. It was complicated, as they were next to each other and I have close teeth, but the final result is perfect. The office is well run and welcoming and all of the staff is very professional and highly skilled.
5 on Google, Jun 07, 2018
Every staff was wonderful. Dr Yi and Dr.Farry was excellent.
5 on Google, Jun 06, 2018
Very professional and with the latest technology.
5 on Google, May 23, 2018
Awesome professionals for awesome results.
5 on Google, May 21, 2018
How often can one say they love their dental team?
5 on Google, May 20, 2018
5 on Google, May 20, 2018
on Google, May 20, 2018
Dental Care is expensive, and Dental insurance provides minimal coverage, plus its choices for coverage are difficult to understand or justify. So, it is good to know that Smile Brookline seems to provide a competent standard of clinical service. The staff and clinicians (dentists, surgeons, nurses, hygienists, etc.) are almost uniformly pleasant and personable, caring and skillful professionals. It is understandable that their natural and professional predilection is to urge their patients firmly to follow their directions, sometimes to the point where it may feel to some that they might not be flexible enough in appreciating the individual differences of their patients.
5 on PatientConnect, May 18, 2018
How often can one say they love their dental team?
5 on Google, May 13, 2018
Dr. Faris and her assistant are great. They always make sure I’m comfortable during any procedure. They’re very friendly and their sense of humor makes me forget I’m even at the dentist office. Everything is always clean and the receptionists are very friendly and personable.
5 on Facebook, May 07, 2018
They take time to explain the process and they're patient.
5 on PatientConnect, Apr 28, 2018
Dr. Steevo was fantastic dealing with my fractured front tooth. She worked on it for over two hours and stabilized it for now. She explained all the possibilities for future work that will need to be done. She is patient, kind and a perfectionist to the nth. I would recommend her to any of my family and friends.
5 on Google, Apr 27, 2018
5 on Google, Apr 27, 2018
5 on Google, Apr 27, 2018
5 on Google, Apr 27, 2018
5 on Google, Mar 28, 2018
5 on PatientConnect, Mar 13, 2018
I see Dr. Yi for Invisalign and I appreciate that she takes the time to listen to my concerns and really involve me in my treatment. She was very gentle when she had to manually file down between my teeth to create space for them to shift. I’ve recommended several friends to this practice and three of them are now Dr. Yi’s patients!
5 on Facebook, Mar 13, 2018
5 on PatientConnect, Mar 10, 2018
A truly personal experience from the whole team at Smile Brookline. My care is exceptional and I really appreciate the emphasis on prevention. The team has always been there for emergencies like broken teeth when i need them.
5 on Google, Feb 25, 2018
5 on PatientConnect, Feb 24, 2018
Friendly, caring and personal. They walk through all procedures prior to.starting and keep aware of clients' comfort during the process. I've always been more than satisfied with the dental work I've had done try here.
5 on PatientConnect, Feb 24, 2018
I had a cleaning today and was quite impressed with how knowledgeable my hygenist was. She had great flossing tips, information on gum health and teeth structure. As we age it’s important to take preventive steps to prolong our teeth and she really conveyed steps to do that and some of her own struggles.
5 on Facebook, Feb 15, 2018
5 on PatientConnect, Jan 26, 2018
Procedure made easy I recently had a gum graft performed by Dr Faris. I was nervous going in, but Dr Faris’ care and expertise immediately calmed my nerves. It went really smoothly, pretty quickly, and with minimal discomfort. The area that she worked on looks excellent. So I could not be happier, she was great!
5 on PatientConnect, Jan 06, 2018
Great appointment! It reminded me of the best dentistry experiences I had in Chicago. Thank you for the professionalism, superb and thorough dental care, clear communication and personal attention. Happy to have joined your team.
5 on PatientConnect, Dec 11, 2017
Awesome Practice I am terrified of dentists! I have done natural childbirth and heart surgery, but nothing scared me more than seeing a dentist. The doctors in this group are amazing! They listened to my fears, never denigrated them and treated my with respect and incredible gentleness. I feel so relaxed dealing with this. practice. Even their front desk is wonderful... I have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.
5 on PatientConnect, Dec 10, 2017
December 9th dental visit I really liked the way Allison cleaned my teeth. Always get great dental health care.
5 on PatientConnect, Nov 29, 2017
A Great Experience with Dental Care It is always a pleasure to visit with the team at Smile Brookline. They are focused on prevention and spend extra time with each patient doing their best to prevent dental issues before they happen. The front desk is polite and helpful; the hygienists are great, and the dental care is second to none.
5 on PatientConnect, Nov 16, 2017
I hated all things dentist... ...until I went to Smile Brookline. I was absolutely terrified when I made my first appointment in almost 10 years. Everyone at Smile Brookline was respectful, helpful and super kind. I had to have quite a bit of work done, as you might expect. I hardly felt any pain with these exceptional dentists, and found it quite pleasant to be in the office.
5 on PatientConnect, Oct 27, 2017
very satisfied As always, the service and staff are superb!
5 on PatientConnect, Oct 22, 2017
Awesome Had a great experience! Staff was wonderful and the atmosphere was very relaxing. Went into this nervous and left feeling amazing. Great dentists at this office.
5 on PatientConnect, Sep 28, 2017
Dental visit experience Excellent!
5 on PatientConnect, Sep 13, 2017
Love this dental office. Love this dental office. Everyone is pleasant, helpful, smart and knowledgeable.
5 on PatientConnect, Sep 03, 2017
Dental Cleaning Excellent service as usual!
5 on PatientConnect, Aug 19, 2017
Cleaning Wonderful. Sarah did a very good job and wAs quite proffesional
5 on PatientConnect, Aug 09, 2017
6 STARS I have a history of being terrified by dental work. Dr, Stevo is amazing - compassionate and gentle. I have already recommended your practice to two friends. I am not at all anxious about my next appointment.
5 on PatientConnect, Aug 03, 2017
Recent visit On time. Efficient and thorough cleaning. Helpful in managing future visits and upcoming dental needs.
5 on PatientConnect, Jul 27, 2017
A Great Smile for Smile Brookline The practice cares about their patients all the way around. The preventive care is second to none and I know my teeth appreciate it. Please consider this practice when looking for a great dentist.
5 on PatientConnect, Jul 17, 2017
As always, very good experience The doctors and staff are always professional and provide supreme healthcare. The environment is nice, clean, and relaxing.
5 on PatientConnect, Jul 09, 2017
Excellent 👍🏻👍🏻 I just typed two thumbs up emojis incase you can't tell on the computer.
5 on PatientConnect, Jun 30, 2017
Cleaning and filling appoinments. Both Sarah and Yee did excellent jobs.Very pleased with their services!
5 on Google, May 27, 2017
5 on Google, May 27, 2017
I've been coming to Smile Brookline since I was a child. We switched from another dentist who thought it was okay to leave me alone with an uncomfortable ring in my teeth for 30 minutes while attending to another patient. I've never had to wait around at Smile Brookline. Dr. Stock and Dr. Stevo are the best!
5 on PatientConnect, May 11, 2017
Dr. Stock lifted my spirits Noticing that as I get older my top front teeth are shifting outward, has made me somewhat self conscious for many years. Dr. Stock noted that it may be possible to achieve an improvement with Invisalign, without a long, invasive and costly orthodontic treatment. The potential of this fix for my cosmetic issue really lifted my spirits. I am grateful that she is so thorough, and took the time to consider whether this might work for me.
5 on PatientConnect, May 11, 2017
6 STARS I am terrified of dentists. I was treated with respect, no one treated me like a pariah because my teeth (or lack thereof) are horrendous. I was given a treatment plan that made sense to me. Everyone from the front desk to the hygienist (sp?) to the doctor was calming, kind and professional.I'll be back.
5 on PatientConnect, Mar 24, 2017
Great Oral Care I have been going to this place for my dental care for about two years and I really like the samples that they give at the end of each appointment or cleaning. The person who cleaned my teeth was friendly and made me feel comfortable when getting your teeth cleaned sometimes isn't the best feeling. She was very good at telling me what she was going to do and explaining how strategies to flossing and brushing difficult areas. My dentist is always very professional and explains what is going on with my teeth and what would be best for them, in an honest way. They really care about your dental health!
5 on PatientConnect, Mar 12, 2017
Smile Brookline is simply the best I've been visiting Dr. Stock for over 20 years and wouldn't want to trust anyone else with my oral health. The team at Smile Brookline is the reason I can smile and be confident in the health of my teeth and gums -- and knowing how great my smile looks. I look younger and feel better because of the care I've gotten at Smile Brookline.
5 on PatientConnect, Jan 10, 2017
Outstanding! Dr. Yi and the rest of the team are outstanding. I had two minor problems that Dr. Yi addressed expertly and quickly yesterday. I am grateful to be able to count on Dr. Yi, Dr. Stevo, and the rest of the team at Sara Stock and Associates. Thank you all for your expert care!
5 on PatientConnect, Dec 09, 2016
Dr Caroline Faris is fantastic! I just had a deep cleaning with Dr. Faris and she was fantastic! I was a little nervous about the process and she made me feel very calm with her relaxed bedside manner (which knowing me says a lot!). She explained everything from start to finish so thoroughly, I didn't feel a thing during the procedure and she did a great job. I would highly recommend!
5 on PatientConnect, Oct 13, 2016
GREAT care!! Am very pleased with the quality of care I receive at Smile Brookline and with the friendly welcome of everyone in the office. We have been receiving our dental care here for many years, and plan to continue to do so forever, at least as long as we have teeth! :-)
5 on PatientConnect, Oct 06, 2016
Perfection in Modern Dentistry i went to have a major filling replacement by the expert hands of Dr Amerlie Yee. The office uses the latest in technology to fabricate an "onlay" using 3D modeling methods based on photogrammetry...While the proceedure was long, it was handled with perfect Craftsmenship, and compassionate care.
5 on PatientConnect, Oct 05, 2016
Excellent dental care As always, SmileBrookline provided me with excellent dental care. The staff are very friendly and professional. The whole process is superb. The staff also demonstrated to me how to take care of teeth and gum.
5 on PatientConnect, Sep 27, 2016
Cleaning Was very smooth treatment with informative information.
5 on PatientConnect, Sep 26, 2016
Excellent care I have been a patient at Smile Brookline (Sara Stock & Associates) for 20 years. I feel like I am always in expert hands with Sarah, my hygienist, Dr. Stevo, Dr. Yi, and the rest of the team. The office team goes above and beyond to help with appointments, insurance, etc. I am grateful to have a dental practice I can count on. Thank you all!
5 on PatientConnect, Aug 19, 2016
Best in Boston! I love getting my teeth cleaned by Sarah!! She is so thorough and my teeth have never felt better after I see her. Also, every single dentist there is so educated and full of knowledge. They are the most thorough dentists in the industry. I love Smile Brookline!
5 on PatientConnect, Aug 17, 2016
Extremely happy with my new dentist! Dr. Stevo and Rita were wonderful during my comprehensive exam. I was nervous to switch dentists, but the entire process was easy. I left with a thorough treatment plan, and feel like my teeth are in great hands! The front desk staff is excellent as well, answering all my billing questions and getting me in for the earliest possible appointments.
5 on PatientConnect, Jul 20, 2016
Cleaning Sarah R. Is a terrific hygienist. She is very thorough and caring. She is one of the reasons I continue to use this dentistry practice.
5 on PatientConnect, Jul 17, 2016
Great service, great people My wife and I are huge fans of Sarah, our hygienist. She knows our daughter's name, remembers everything about our conversations, and is friendly and fantastic - not to mention doing a thorough, excellent job on our cleanings. We moved out of the area, but continue to come back to Smile Brookline just to keep going to Sarah for our appointments. Thanks, Sarah!
5 on PatientConnect, Jun 16, 2016
Great experience as always! I used to be very anxious about visiting the dentist but Dr. Yi and Sarah have always been really comforting during exams and cleanings.
5 on PatientConnect, Jun 11, 2016
I used to be very anxious about visiting the dentist but Dr. Yi and Sarah have always been really comforting during exams and cleanings. I have been a patient of Dr. Yi for several years and highly recommend Smile Brookline to anyone looking for a dentist! Every staff member I have met so far, from desk staff to technicians to dentists, every one has been great!
5 on Google, May 27, 2016
5 on Facebook, May 23, 2016
I am very pleasure to have the service of Smile Brookline. I highly recommend the professional help of your business to any one that needs its. Thank you.
5 on PatientConnect, Mar 17, 2016
Better Teeth Since I have been a patient of Dr. Stock's my teeth have been healthier and the care I have had has been excellent.
5 on Facebook, Mar 02, 2016
5 on PatientConnect, Feb 18, 2016
LOVE THIS PLACE I have been coming here for almost 10 years and I love the staff! Dr. Stock has high standards for her practice and her employees. I never want to leave!
5 on PatientConnect, Feb 11, 2016
Dr. Sara Stock rocks! SmileBrookline: Kind, caring, super-competent office staff from the front desk to dentist's chair. My hard-to-please teen gives two thumbs up as do I.
5 on PatientConnect, Feb 08, 2016
Lovely People Appointment reminders are the best in the industry and I love the dental hygienists and front desk staff who take such good care of me. Thank you!
5 on PatientConnect, Feb 05, 2016
Excellent dental office I've had dental problems throughout my life. I've been coming to Smile Brookline for years and it is by far the best dental office I've ever been to.
5 on PatientConnect, Feb 04, 2016
Excellent dental care Really fabulbous and thorough! Excellent quality of care.
5 on PatientConnect, Jan 30, 2016
Best Dental office in Boston!! Everyone at smile Brookline is pristine at their job. They all care tremendously about their patients and put 100% effort in to give the best care. They are also meticulous about infection control which we all know how important that is in any medical setting. I highly recommend this practice to anyone!
5 on PatientConnect, Jan 28, 2016
A good time and clean mouth every time! I visited Smile Brookline yesterday for my 6-month cleaning. Once again, the staff delivered. My hygienist was thorough and efficient, taking the time (as usual) at the end of my session to offer ideas on how to maintain health teeth and gums. I [heart] Smile Brookline!
5 on PatientConnect, Jan 28, 2016
Fantastic Care I am a patient of Dr. Yi and Dr. Ferris and have always been extremely pleased with the care I receive. The doctors are incredibly professional, kind and thorough. They always take extra time to answer any questions I may have. The hygienists are also incredibly kind and knowlegable. The staff at the front desk are also exceptional. Nisha and others are always so wonderful in helping me find appointments in my difficult schedule and always take the extra time to calculate out of pocket costs prior to appointments. I couldn't give them a higher recommendation to anyone seeking care from a general dentist or periodontist.
5 on PatientConnect, Jan 28, 2016
With new Hygenist for the first!! Sara was wonderful as my new Hygenist!! Thanks. And Dr Yi is always kind and reasuring to me. Thanks for listening Dr Yi
5 on PatientConnect, Dec 21, 2015
As always, the help and treatment at Smile Brookline is always pleasant and nice. Very good experience. Highly recommendated.
5 on PatientConnect, Dec 12, 2015
Review Hygienist very good, and so is the follow up with the dentist.
5 on PatientConnect, Dec 06, 2015
Best in Mass From the moment I've come in the door, my experience has been of how pleasant, efficient and professional everyone is who works there. Plus, they do great work.
5 on PatientConnect, Oct 02, 2015
Wonderful care That staff and the care I reiceive at Smile Brookline continue to exceed my expectations. The women at the front desk are always so friendly and helpful. Neesha, especially, has helped me a number of times to better fit appointments around my busy schedule and coordinate all of the care I receive. She goes above and beyond and always with a smile on her face. Dr. Yi and Dr. Ferris have both come in on days they normally wouldn't have to help me squeeze in an appointment. They are both very kind and thorough. They are always happy to take the extra time with their patients to answer any questions they may have. I am so grateful for all of the hard work from everyone at Smile Brookline. I couldn't be happier with my choice in dental care.
5 on PatientConnect, Oct 02, 2015
Professionals I have been a patient at dr. Stock & Assocs. for a few years and am impressed by their level of consistency and professionalism. Based on my experience with Liza the new hygienist, that consistency will surely continue.
5 on PatientConnect, Sep 23, 2015
Lots of good advice I received lots of good advice about how to care for my teeth, and my teeth cleaning was done very competently.
5 on PatientConnect, Sep 11, 2015
Very good experience It is always a pleasure to see the stuff and doctors at the office. They are professional, nice, and always take good care of their customers. The office is always clean and neat. The operatories are also very clean and tidy. I have been their customers for ten years. Highly recommended.
5 on PatientConnect, Aug 19, 2015
How many people love their dentist? I love the convenience of having later hours (my cleaning was at 6pm) aso I don't have to take off and the staff is always just the bset.
5 on PatientConnect, Aug 14, 2015
great cleaning Had a great appointment at smile brookline, as usual. I have had lots of work done here and will keep coming back.
5 on PatientConnect, Aug 07, 2015
Long term excellent results I have been a patient at this practice (Dr. Steevo and Dr. Faris, specifically) for several years. Here's what I like: The practice has plenty of hours that accommodate my work schedule. The office staff is professional and friendly, and the facility is super-clean and nice. The dental care is strictly state-of-the-art. Their recommendations are always appropriate, and they took my insurance, when I had it. I have sent friends to them, who had the same reaction.
5 on PatientConnect, Aug 07, 2015
Dental cleaning and exam As always thorough and pleasant! The best dental practice I have ever had!
5 on PatientConnect, Aug 04, 2015
excellent care! Always pleased with the care received at Smile brookline from the welcoming reception through Dr, Stevo or Dr. Faris and assistants (esp. Josie!) and results! Thanks.
5 on PatientConnect, Jul 27, 2015
Still smiling! I have been going to this practice for over 10 years and the office just keeps getting better and better! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I had Melinda as my hygenist and she is easy to speak with and funny. Also, Dr Faris is amazing. She did a gum graft for me and was incredibly caring and professional. She even called to see how I was doing after my operation. I love Smile Brookline and will continue to drive an hour to come here as the service is so excellent! Thank you for helping me smile every day :)
5 on PatientConnect, Jul 23, 2015
Excellent!!! On time, service A+
5 on PatientConnect, Jul 21, 2015
Best experience at a dentist I had some fillings done this week with Dr. Yi. She explained everything she was doing during the procedure and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I'm not a fan of going to the dentist, and am typically nervous every time I go, whether it be fillings, cleanings, etc. Dr. Yi and her staff are amazing, thorough, and always take time to explain everything. Best dental experience I've ever had.
5 on PatientConnect, Jun 28, 2015
5-star Dentistry From the receptionists, to the hygienists, to the dentists--everyone working at Smile Brookline is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable.
5 on PatientConnect, Jun 26, 2015
SMILE BROOKLINE is outstanding The entire team at SMILE BROOKLINE make each appointment go smoothly. They provide the best dental care I have received anywhere in the U.S. I actually look forward to my appointments with hygienist Sarah Robbio.
5 on PatientConnect, Jun 20, 2015
Who smiles most? The entire staff at Smile Brookline smiles at me when I enter the clinic and as I pass through to 'the chair'. Always trust a dentists' office when they are not afraid to display their own teeth.
5 on PatientConnect, Jun 12, 2015
An up-to-date practice. My spouse and I have had excellent treatment since we moved here five years ago. The doctors and staff are very up-to-date dental professionals.
5 on PatientConnect, May 27, 2015
Best dental care in Boston/Brookline I don't usually write reviews, but the service & care at Smile Brookline is so exceptional I had to write. The office is beyond clean, the hygienists are professional and caring, and the dentists & periodontist are the best around. As I have gotten older I have had to have some very old fillings replaced and some "restoration" work, avoiding root canals because of the modern equipment, skill, and professionalism of the staff at Smile Brookline. For routine preventive care, or if you need more extensive dental work, I think this is the best office in the greater Boston Area.
5 on PatientConnect, May 16, 2015
Dr. Amerlie Yi Dr. Amerlie Yi is a wonderful dentist, professional, precise, and compassionate. I have recommended her to my family and friends, all of whom share my high opinion of her.
5 on PatientConnect, May 14, 2015
The best dentist in Boston Dr Stock does amazing work...I love her (and that is saying something when you speak of dentistry)!
5 on PatientConnect, May 14, 2015
Excellent Customer Service Since I have been receiving dental care from Smile Brookline, the Dentists, Hygienists and Staff have professional, informative and caring. I rave about Smile Brookline at every opportunity. I say to everyone, "I have the BEST Dentist's". Thank you for your care!!
5 on PatientConnect, May 07, 2015
An amazing dentist Dr. Stock is an amazing dentist. I've had a number of reconstructions and fillings done and she is always friendly, gentle, compassionate, and incredibly skilled at her job. Everyone I've dealt with at Smile Brookline is friendly and professional. It is a true find.
5 on PatientConnect, May 01, 2015
All Smiles! I always look forward to my visit to Smile Brookline. Always. The staff is courteous and professional, and the dental hygienists and doctors are exceptionally skilled. My mouth is healthy and my teeth white, all thanks to Smile Brookline!
5 on Facebook, Mar 05, 2015
5 on PatientConnect, Feb 27, 2015
From a long time patient I started with Dr. Stock when she had was the only dentist in a small office farther up on Beacon Street back in the 1990s. I had the same hygienist for about a decade until she left. As I no longer live in Brookline, I decided I would see how her replacement was and if I didn't like her as much, I would find a dentist closer to home. But Sarah is awesome. She is gentle and helpful with suggestions on how I can improve my home dental care. I never see Dr. Stock anymore but I really like Dr. Choo-Steevo so I don't mind at all. The office staff is always pleasant. I never wait more than 10 minutes to get in for my appointment, and that is if I wait at all. I can't see any reason to go anywhere else.
5 on PatientConnect, Feb 22, 2015
Return visit I had a problem with my bite and both Dr.Stock and Dr. Steevo worked to fix the problem. Knowing I was going out of town, Dr. Stock squeezed me in a week later to check on the problem before I went away.
5 on PatientConnect, Jan 27, 2015
Great Dental Practice I've been going to Smile Brookline since 2005 and would recommend this practice. The staff are friendly, and provide high quality dental care. I've had to have various services/procedures (crowns, fillings) and periodontal procedures (Dr. Faris is great!).
5 on PatientConnect, Dec 31, 2014
Great experience Very happy with the staff and services here. Staff are professional, courteous, and friendly, and the dentists are knowledgeable and approachable.
5 on PatientConnect, Dec 26, 2014
Always a Pleasure Although it seems an anomaly to describe the dentist as a pleasure, it's really true. Everyone is competent, kind, and professional, and I always feel like I am in good hands. Whenever I have had a problem, they make time for me to come in and get it taken care of right away. I could not ask for a better dentist experience, and I would highly recommend this practice.
5 on PatientConnect, Nov 16, 2014
Saturday hours I'm so happy I discovered Smile Brookline 2 years ago. Their Saturday hours enable me get to hygiene appointments and have contributed to better dental health and the best check ups I've had in years!
5 on PatientConnect, Nov 13, 2014
always four stars I have been a patient for well over 5 years now... Always receive great service and more importantly, feel like I am in very capable hands.
5 on PatientConnect, Nov 06, 2014
Best extraction ever I had a partially erupted wisdom tooth extracted. My two prior extractions with other dentists were messy and resulted in several days of pain. This time the experience was efficient and so much better with pain management. I only needed ibuprofen, slept through the night and was back at wok the next day. Amazing!
5 on PatientConnect, Nov 01, 2014
Prompt, Professional, and NOT Painful I've been going to Smile Brookline (aka Dr. Sara Stock DDS & Associates) for about 3 years. They are always prompt (I rarely wait more than 5 minutes beyond my appointment time), professional, kind, and courteous. I have had numerous procedures done, including dental scaling (deep cleaning of the gums that requires novocain), and the experiences have been top-notch - including generally not painful (no more so than I would expect). The hygienists and dentists (including Dr. Yi and Dr. Farris) are excellent at what they do, and my wife and I both really like hygienist Sarah. Even after we moved out of walking distance, we have continued to come to Smile Brookline. Great experience - even if you hate going to the dentist!
5 on PatientConnect, Mar 01, 2010
This is an amazing dental office with a wonderful staff. The dental practice is staffed by extremely talented doctors, proffesionals and top notch office administration. This practice has the latest technology but the environment is extremely warm and very clean. I would recommend this practice to anyone who wants excellent dental care in a comfortable and warm environment. I have been a patient with Dr. Stock for over 15 years.